Avoiding Problems with Swimming Pool Deck Edge Forms

When building a swimming pool, there are numerous things to consider. One of these is deck edge forms. These forms are used in conjunction with coping to finish the pool’s edge so it comes up flush with the decking. Although bull-nose brick edge with precast concrete coping has long been the industry standard, innovative designs are now available that completely change a pool’s aesthetics. Continue reading

Decorative Concrete Deck San Antonio

Latest Decorative Trends with Concrete Resurfacing in San Antonio

Concrete resurfacing in San Antonio has experienced a number of changes in the last few years that have made it possible for homeowners and business owners to enhance the look of concrete without the need to install a new surface. Sundek of San Antonio is at the forefront of the industry with a range of the latest decorative trends in concrete resurfacing products.

Among those trends is SunFlek, which offers a choice of 14 different color blends of quartz. Ideal for use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, this option for concrete resurfacing in San Antonio provides a high-strength surface that allows for excellent wear along with chemical resistance. Continue reading


Smooth pool coping edge with a stamped textured surface.


Stamped Concrete pool coping edge

Modern design pools with stamped concrete.

The latest in pool design and style is utilizing concrete as a material of choice.  Concrete not only provides flexibility in design but allows for customization, functionality and longevity.  Modern design should incorporate simplicity and low maintenance.  For a pool deck, it is important to offer an easy to maintain surface that will last the test of time.  Pools are unique in that they can splash chemically treated water,  sometimes salt water, or hard water onto their surrounding decking surface materials.  To prevent issues with pool decking and coping materials deteriorating it is critical to get a compatible pool deck and pool coping material to the chemicals found in your pool.

Concrete is unique in that it can be modified, and customized in many ways.  Some concrete can have additives included into its mixture that make it waterproof, other concrete is often sealed to prevents water penetration from its surface.  Either way protecting your pool deck and concrete coping will ensure a long lasting surface finish.

A popular method for creating a designer pool coping is to use a stamped concrete surface texture with a smooth inside concrete cantilevered edge.  This provides a rock like surface texture but a smooth easy to grab inside surface.  The smooth surface gives a clean crisp look to the coping while the textured stamped surface provides grip and a more natural rock type texture.

Using browns, tans and grey colors provides a realistic look to the coping and can be incorporated in the rest of the pool deck and patio to create a continuous virtually seamless surface finish.  By incorporating a stamped concrete pool deck and coping edge you can get the look of realistic stone but have a much more conformable feel on your bare feet while saving money in the process.

SureCrete Designs Countertop

Custom Styles and Options for Concrete Countertops

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a showpiece accented with colorful or unique countertops. If you like the idea of custom countertops , there are some simple ways to use concrete countertops for a unique look.

Basics of Custom Concrete Counters

If you have your heart set on building your own custom countertops, concrete is one of the best materials you can choose. Not only can the base material of concrete be affordable and durable, it is also one of the most customizable options in countertop materials. SureCrete Design Products based out Dade City Florida is a supplier that specializes in DIY concrete countertop fabrication and can not only supply you with the most advanced products around, but will help guide you step by step into creating the countertop you envision.

Customizing Concrete Counters

In addition to being more affordable, one of the main benefits of concrete countertops over natural stone, like marble and granite, is that you can customize the surface of your concrete counters. Many homeowners choose to add decorative aggregates to the concrete to give it a more natural and authentic appearance. Another option is to stamp the concrete as it dries to give it some kind of texture. Some objects you might use to stamp your custom concrete counters include shells, leaves, brick, tile, stone, slate, and more. In addition to stones, you can mix other materials with the concrete to add color or texture. Some popular options include colored sand, metal shavings, precious stones, and glass.

In addition to stamping concrete countertops or adding aggregates, custom concrete counters enable you to add all kinds of creative elements. For example, you could add stainless steel inserts for a built-in trivet, or you could insert novelty items, like shotgun shells or car gauges, for a customized look. SureCrete offers products that are extremely lightweight and moldable making DIY an easy option. When it comes to concrete countertops, the options are nearly limitless – you can be as creative as you like.

If you are looking for an amazing way to enhance your kitchen with custom-built countertops, concrete is an excellent material to choose. Concrete enables you to add aggregates, stamp the surface, or add inlays for a completely customized look.

Assuring Successful Projects with Concrete Stains





Concrete staining is increasing in popularity in part because of the sustainability movement and in part because of the desire for organic designs. In addition, acid staining can be cost-effective and easy to maintain and provide a uniquely attractive surface. There is a steep learning curve to getting concrete stains applied correctly. Experienced contractors know that the job is going to take some finesse to be done properly and should bid accordingly.


Steps Before the Job

There are critical steps you want to take before starting the job to ensure it is done correctly. First, make sure to give your client expectations that are realistic. Inform them that concrete stains can vary from the color chart dramatically. This is because the stain doesn’t come from color pigments added but a chemical reaction and that floors aren’t identical. The concrete stain will only work with what is there and doesn’t hide imperfections.

Make sure your client understands the need for maintenance. No floors are maintenance-free, and this includes concrete stained floors. There will need to be scheduled maintenance to maintain the look in addition to general sweeping and mopping.

Finally, make sure to understand some of the things you will want to avoid doing. Don’t apply seal compound or liquid care after placing and finishing the concrete slab, as the concrete stains won’t react with sealed concrete. Don’t mark the raw cured concrete surface with spray paint, red chalk, or permanent markers. Also avoid curing the slab under plastic curing blankets or poly sheeting, as it will cure at an uneven rate, and the concrete stains may not take. Avoid oil, glue, or PVC primer spills when threading pipe.


Tips for Concrete Stains

When applying stain, make sure to use a sprayer and skip the roller, brush, or mop. Apply concrete stains using tight, circular movements. This will help give an even application without overlap lines or brush marks. You also need to make sure that the slab is carefully cleaned before applying concrete stains. Any excess residue on the floor will cause concrete stains to not penetrate properly leaving bare spots in the concrete surface.

Why Buying Concrete Floor Supplies Online Is a Better Option

Shop Online at The Stamp Store

Shop Online at The Stamp Store

Whether you are a DIYer who enjoys tackling new projects around the home or a professional contractor that specializes in concrete etching, staining, and overlays, it is important to know where to buy the highest quality concrete floor supplies. Whenever you are beginning a new project, it is always important to make sure you begin with the best materials in order to achieve the best results. Buying concrete floor supplies online is typically one of the best ways to go, because it allows you to take advantage of a much broader selection while allowing for drop shipments right to your door.  You can easily find whatever you need for your project online, from a veritable rainbow of concrete dyes and stains to various edge forms, stamps, and hand tools. This is usually not the case when shopping at a local home improvement store, which will often be limited in terms of selection and not have anywhere near the selection of a specialty online retailer like The Stamp Store.

The Stamp Store is one of the largest online decorative concrete retailers and is most popular amongst those who appreciate quality in tools and materials.  Having come from an installation background, the owner of the The Stamp Store knows that decorative concrete needs to be sold and supported by qualified technical advise.  With dozens of sealers, tools, concrete overlay products and such The Stamp Store is able to help you navigate through the online catalog so that you get the right products and tools that you need for a successful installation.

Decorative concrete is currently all the rage and for very good reason. Concrete overlays and stamped concrete provide a beautiful finish at a fraction of the cost of installing a more expensive flooring option. To achieve the best outcome, you need the best supplies and training. Buying concrete floor supplies online can give you the selection and training you need.

Concrete Pool Edge Form

3 Factors to Consider When Installing swimming pool concrete coping

Concrete Pool Edge Form

Concrete Pool Edge Form

Pool coping is very important in creating a visual appeal and chic finish for your swimming pool.  While you can always use a combination of materials when it comes to coping, concrete offers greater durability and resistance to damage over time. Not just that, but today you can buy decorative concrete pool coping forms that add an exclusive look to your swimming pool. If you’re planning to install a new swimming pool in your backyard or renovate your existing pool coping, you will have to determine which type of coping to use. If concrete is one of your options these are three factors you should consider when installing concrete pool coping.

The Style of the Concrete

You always have a wide range of choices in color, design, and material for concrete coping. Essentially speaking, the ideal material of choice is concrete, but there are mixed materials available in the market as well. Ideally, you should choose a color and design that matches or otherwise compliments the theme of your home. You should also note that different colors will react differently to heat. For instance, creamy white is a good heat reflector and compliments the blue shade of water.

The Installation Technique Used

Site Casting is the most common technique used in installing concrete pool coping. Casting the cantilevered pool coping is fairly straightforward as all it needs is the right pool coping forming system.  Pre-Fabrication, on the other hand, involves fabricating the coping and then installing it on the site. While the second process takes longer, it does allow for a different range of surface finishes and seam choices.

The Importance of Sealing the Top

Many homeowners avoid sealers to save a couple of bucks, but that shouldn’t be the case. Sealers are very important in adding an extra layer of protection to pool coping. To make sure that your pool coping remains resistant to scratches, stains, and corrosive chemicals, always get high quality sealers installed. Find out more about concrete pool coping and how you can get it installed by getting in touch with Z Counterform Products.

Why Have Concrete Stain Products Become so Popular?

SureCrete Concrete Acid Stain Products

SureCrete Concrete Acid Stain Products

After years of being considered boring and bland, concrete flooring systems are getting updated looks thanks to better concrete stain products like Sure Stain from SureCrete Products in Dade City, FL.   For a long time, the only choices available for customizing a concrete floor were marbled and variegated finishes made by acid staining. However, today staining is a way of emulating these looks but it can be done more cheaply, faster and easier than in the past.

Through an ever-expanding color palette, these newer generation stains can compete against more expensive flooring options like tile, wood or carpeting. The one drawback of concrete stains is the plethora of cheap products on the market that just don’t last along with the homeowners trying to save a buck and doing it themselves with low quality products. This is just a bad idea on so many levels, because it’s highly unlikely that a do-it-yourselfer is going to get the same look, performance and durability as a job done by a professional concrete contractor who uses professional grade products.

The concrete stain products from Suncrete Design Products are professional grade, produce aesthetically pleasing results and are eco-friendly. Contractors have the ability to work with many different choices and can give a homeowner or business the exact look and style desired, making concrete flooring an option whereas maybe before it wasn’t.

The new generation of products for concrete staining are much better than the ones used in the 1990s. In the early 2000s, more products started to appear on the market and the variety of these new concrete stains has only grown over the past several years. The new stains offered are primarily water based, come in many color options, provide UV stability, and the new stains contain paint grade resins which provide for better penetration and color onto concrete.

Professional concrete contractors who are serious about concrete stain products will take a look at all the new products on the market, and will wind up using the products that give the look and feel a customer desires.

For contractors who are not entirely sold on the new concrete stain products, there’s always the tried and true acid staining products. However, Suncrete offers a low reactive acid concrete stain. SureStain is made to go straight onto naked concrete. So long as there are no curing agents or sealers to block the stain. Although the product can be applied on concrete that’s not fully been cured, the final color will not be evident until it’s been fully cured.

Whatever type of concrete products a contractor decides to use will depend on what type is preferred and what a customer wants. Don’t close your mind to the new concrete staining products available, because you’d be surprised at how easy-to-use, economical and durable these products have become.

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Customers Love Duraamen Epoxy Flooring

duraamen-epoxyIt should be no surprise that epoxy flooring continues to be a popular solution for homes and businesses all around the country. However, as you probably know, not all epoxy flooring material is created the same.

At Duraamen, we like to think our epoxy is the best in the industry. Fortunately, countless customers have come to agree over the years. That means if you’re looking to secure more customers and leave them happy, our epoxy flooring material is worth considering.

Saves Money When you explain to them how epoxy flooring from Duraamen will not only cover over the repaired areas but it will also leave their floor looking and functioning better than it ever was. Furthermore, you’ll save money on our epoxy as well. At Duraamen, we pride ourselves on not just making quality epoxy, but making it affordable as well, so every installation you handle represents a very real profit.

Provides Options By itself, epoxy flooring is a tremendous solution to what ails most concrete surfaces. However, if you have a wide range of clients, you’re going to need different types of epoxy to ensure business from all of them. Duraamen has those options. For this reason, contractors who use our products have been able to land work coating ramps, loading docks, traffic aisles, chemical plants, plating rooms, battery plants and more. Our epoxy flooring material should make it possible for you to land work with just about any type of customer out there both commercial and industrial. Of course, no matter which epoxy flooring material from us you choose, there are countless options involved as far as colors and designs go. All kinds of effects can be applied to give your customers’ floor a unique look unlike any other.

Easy to Install Perhaps most important is that your job won’t be an especially difficult or time-consuming one. Yet, even though you’re only investing a marginal amount of time and money into the process, you can be sure your customers will be satisfied. All it takes to install our epoxy flooring material is a roller and a brush for the edges.

The time involved will depend on the size of the floor, but having to work long hours is a good problem to have if you’re getting paid for them. With Duraamen, your customers should be able to step all over their epoxy flooring by the next day too, so you can reassure them that, unlike so many other flooring installations, they won’t have to evacuated an important area for days on end. With products from Duraamen, you can take an already popular application—epoxy flooring—and secure more leads and clientele because you’re working with the best kind available.

Businesses Can Benefit from Concrete Bar Tops

Creating the right ambience is essential for your business, but it’s difficult to do. It involves the right combination of architecture, flooring and fixtures. This is particularly true for those in the hospitality industry, from hotels to resorts to B&Bs, to bars and restaurants. Using the right materials is the first step toward enhancing your business’s image.

Concrete Bar Tops New Jersey

New Jersey Concrete Bar Tops

What Are Concrete Bar Tops?

Whether you have a breakfast bar, a traditional liquor and beer bar, a bar for displaying holistic health treatments, or a place to display your merchandise, concrete bar tops businesses can do a lot. They’re a lot like concrete countertops, but they’re more than just utilitarian surfaces. They’re an intrinsic part of the greater area, and they’re also part of the clientele that frequents the bar. They’re a place to sit and relax, as well as to gather and converse. They can be fun, or they can be relaxing. They can be serene, or they can be stunningly elegant.

Concrete bar tops can be virtually any size, shape or configuration you might want. They can also be whatever color you prefer, or that ties in with the rest of your décor. In fact, they can even include things you might not think of, like embedded LED accent lighting, fiber optics, custom designed aesthetic embellishments and more.

Custom Concrete Bar Options

The creative minds at JM Lifestyles in New Jersey, have created plenty of custom concrete bars for New Jersey clients, as well as for customers outside the state. They’ve designed and built bars that incorporate unique aspects ranging from embedded fiber optics and wine coolers to glowing fish skeletons cut from solid steel. Their experience and expertise ensures that you’re able to get the ideal bar for your specific needs, whether you operate a high-end resort, or are considering an expansion to your restaurant.

In addition to creating stunning works of art that combine artistic vision with unique materials, JM Lifestyles also ensures that you get the highest quality concrete bar possible. They use top of the line materials and the craftsmanship is second to none. They take pride in the quality of their work as much as they do in the creative process, and everything they do is derived from the outstanding ongoing relationship with their customers.

Using Concrete for Landscaping and Interiors