Use Decorative Concrete for Your Restaurant Flooring

One of the first things that your customers look at when they walk into your restaurant is your floor. If your floor is damaged or degraded, or even if it’s just dirty, then this creates a negative impression of your restaurant in the minds of your customers. Ultimately, this impression could end up costing your business customers and money. continue

Where to Get Your Concrete Materials Online

The Stamp Store Sedona Acid Stain

The Stamp Store Sedona Acid Stain

Contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners are increasingly turning to concrete for all of their flooring and countertop needs. And, if you’ve been looking for concrete materials in Oklahoma City, then there’s not better place to get them from than The Stamp Store. Why?
Because we have all of the concrete materials online that you could possibly need when undertaking a new project. continue

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Shop Online and DIY Your Home to Perfection

Transitional Design Concrete Countertop

Transitional Design Concrete Countertop

Have you given any thought to the use of decorative concrete in your home? It is still surprising to discover that many people are unaware of just how flexible concrete is as a building material. In fact, few realize that it is becoming a professional’s material of choice for everything from floors to countertops.

Yes, countertops. In fact, the trend goes beyond the world of professional designers and architects, and a huge number of people are also beginning to “DIY” their concrete countertops. Naturally, this may sound like a big thing to attempt at the novice level, but with some online suppliers of specialty concrete products it is easier than ever.

Take the site known as The Stamp Store. Based in Oklahoma, it is considered the largest online decorative concrete store and it sells all that you would need to begin tackling even the more advanced projects.

This site makes it easy for even the most inexperienced to jump right into decorative concrete work by offering a variety of decorative concrete systems and kits. The site also has concrete products and training that ensure you get exactly the outcome desired. Whether you are interested in concrete countertops or decorative walks, you will find what you need – including instructional materials.

As a simple and very basic example, among their specialty concrete products are various systems for DIY enthusiasts to use in order make countertops. Now, these are not wildly complex systems, and can even save someone a lot of time and money. The EZ Top Countertop Resurfacing System, as a prime example, allows you to work with any existing counter (meaning no time spent tearing out and discarding old counters) and to use specialty concrete products and sealants to create almost any look imaginable.

Of course, not only is this a prime example of how any DIY advocate can work with decorative concrete, but it is also a great example of how firms like The Stamp Store can help homeowners stay as “green” as possible (you won’t be discarding perfectly functional counters, just improving their looks), save a lot of time and money, and still get the brand new kitchen of their dreams.

Shopping online for the materials also saves money and time, and allows everything needed to be sent right to your front door – including any instructional videos or books to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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Benefits of Using Decorative Concrete Flooring

decorative concrete flooringAs a contractor, your goal is to provide the best flooring options available for your commercial customers. While concrete is one of the most popular choices, decorative concrete flooring provides additional benefits that are worth considering.

Visual Appeal

Many companies spend excessive amounts of time obsessing over their facades, walls, and other immediately noticeable elements of building design. However, flooring is one area that many simply do not spend much time considering. Using decorative flooring increases the visual appeal of a facility by engaging customers’ attention throughout their entire visual field. Whether companies realize it or not, the flooring also plays a role in creating a positive corporate image. If customers see that all aspects of design are addressed as soon as they enter the facility, it provides a greater peace of mind that the business will use that same attention to detail when dealing with clients. continue

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Why Choose Concrete Countertops?

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Concrete Countertop Solutions

When many people decide to renovate their kitchens, they think of the standard options for counters like marble or granite. But there are many reasons that concrete countertops will make a great addition to your kitchen! Here are a few reasons you should consider choosing concrete over a different material.

Concrete is tough, durable, and practical. After all, there’s a reason it’s a mainstay of industrial complexes! And now, with polished and finished concrete like the kinds used for countertops, you can meld that industrial durability with home-kitchen style. The right kind of sealer will work to ensure that your counter is resistant to stains and damage. Unsealed or improperly sealed concrete is porous and stains very easily, so make sure you don’t skimp when it comes to getting professional sealing done.

While the word “concrete” might initially call to mind images of drab warehouses and factories, the aesthetic options are actually endless! From pigment dyes added straight into the concrete mix, to stains applied on the surface, the color palette to choose from is seemingly endless. Special techniques can enhance concrete to give it attractive patterns as well. Plus, it can be cast in any shape and any size. Concrete is completely versatile style-wise, and can fit whatever theme you choose, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Further customization options amp up the gorgeousness factor even more. Add some river stones into the mix for a beautiful natural look, include some LED lights so your countertop will literally glow, or arrange for differently colored broken glass to be used in your mix to create the chic beauty of a gleaming mosaic. When it comes to custom concrete countertops, you’re only as limited as your imagination.

When it comes to concrete countertops, you get what you pay for. Since the best concrete products are completely custom and handcrafted, they can run a bit pricey,  Also, take into account that concrete countertops will last you for decades, saving you the expense and hassle of needing to update them – short-term price, long-term value.

With their thousands of color and style possibilities, strength, and reasonable cost, concrete countertops are a great emerging alternative to traditional stone counters. The market for them is still emerging, but it’s growing drastically all the time. Get in on the ground floor and start designing your perfect counter.

For everything concrete countertops check out Concrete Countertop Solutions

Bring Decorative Cement into the Home

Training Stamp Store

Training Stamp Store

Most of the time, when you think of decorative cement, your mind immediately goes to the outdoor living spaces you have. You think about the patios and perhaps the walkways. Some driveways even make great use of this product. However, as great as this type of concrete might be in the outdoor sections of your home, you’ll find that it has quite a few other uses as well, and you might just want to consider bringing the concrete inside! Quite a few homeowners are looking at learning how to do their own decorative cement, and they are finding some great ways to make it work for the inside of the house.


Decorative Concrete Design is an Optimal Solution

The Stamp Store Concrete Products and Supplies

The Stamp Store Sedona Acid Stain

Whether you are a professional designer or a DIY enthusiast, it is likely that you’ve spent a lot of time considering ways of updating or improving the spaces around you. Property owners have a tendency towards making improvements, and in our current era one of the most common reasons for improvements or upgrades is to make a space more environmentally friendly. Interestingly enough, with that goal often comes more durability, since going green often means finding a solution that lasts many years.


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Staying Safe When Using Decorative Concrete Products

Decorative Concrete Materials

Decorative Concrete Materials Concrete Source

While working with decorative concrete materials is a fairly safe process, it is always important to take the necessary precautions when completing any construction project. Below, we have put together a few tips to help you stay safe and healthy when using your rubber concrete stamps, concrete stains, and various other products.

Protecting Yourself When Working with Concrete

As concrete is such a common building material, it is easy to forget that it can pose health risks. When working with cement, keep the following consideration in mind:


  • Skin – It is always best to try to avoid skin contact with cement. Not only can this material be hard to remove if it has a chance to set, but it can cause irritation or burning on the skin. You do not want to find out the hard way that you are allergic to cement.


  • Eyes – When working with decorative concrete materials, crews can benefit from wearing protective eyewear, especially when concrete is being mixed. Concrete dust can get into the eyes and scratch the cornea, causing significant damage.


  • Inhalation – Concrete dust can also irritate the lungs and throat when workers are exposed to it for long periods of time. When you are using your rubber concrete stamps and other tools, try to avoid areas with high volumes of dust.

Reinforcing Concrete

Many applications of decorative concrete supplies require the surfaces to be reinforced with materials like metal strands or plastic rods. These materials often need to be cut and reshaped, which can result in sharp edges and the potential for cuts to occur. Always handle these items with care and follow manufacturers’ instructions when cutting the materials.

Working with Concrete Stains

If you are working with chemical or acid stains, you will also want to take care to avoid skin and eye contact and not to inhale fumes produced by the concrete stain or the neutralizing agent. Always apply these materials in areas with good ventilation.

Safely Applying Concrete Sealers

To avoid any safety or health hazards when applying sealers, always choose non-toxic and low VOC sealers. Look to suppliers like Contractor source to find green concrete sealers that will be safe for your crew and your clients. To further increase safety, it is also wise to ventilate the areas where sealers are being applied, as well.

When working with any decorative concrete products, always check and follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturers.

Add Rich Color to Projects with SureCrete Stained Concrete

While tile tile and stone are great, there are also many, many advantages to beautiful stained concrete floors. The difficult part can be convincing discerning home or business owners, who may want an option that is perceived as fancier. However, once you show them an example of how great their floor can look with SureCrete Design Products, they’re sure to change their mind and embrace all of the benefits of concrete flooring in their business or home.

surecrete acid stainOne of the most popular finishes in the world of decorative concrete is Acid Stained Concrete.  Acid Stained concrete takes effect from a chemical reaction. When acid stain is placed on the concrete  it reacts with the limestone within the concrete slab. This reaction deposits a color that is inherent to the concrete’s surface. It won’t chip away or wear off, and it will resist fading due to sunlight, as well. The fact that it is a chemical reaction does limit the colors to an extent, but the rich earth tones and blues that are available can generally suit pretty much any aesthetic theme. SureCrete offers a wide variety of stains for the end user to select from, so they can get a color that suits their space.

The chemical reaction also means that no acid stained concrete floor is quite the same, even when using the same color. There are gentle variations and striations throughout the concrete that are completely unique. Overall, in a large room, stained concrete can often give the impression of being a stone floor of some sort. It will provide an elegant, finished-looking space that is sure to please anyone.

Feel More at Home with Concrete Stain

The Stamp Store Sedona Acid Stain

The Stamp Store Sedona Acid Stain

One of the best things about the world today is that it is a much smaller place. Thanks to advanced technology, people can live anywhere in the world and communicate to friends and family members quickly and easily. This has led to more and more people choosing to set out on a great adventure and settle in a new place. However, there are certainly times when you wish your new home felt more like your old home. One way to solve this issue, which you may never have considered before, is with concrete stain.

Concrete is a very popular material for floors and countertops in homes all across the world. It is durable, affordable, and customizable. Now, with concrete stain, you can make it look even more like home. But how?

To illustrate, Sedona acid stain concentrate is a brand of concrete acid stain sold by The Stamp Store  that comes in a wide selection of colors. Most are earth tones, colors such as golden wheat, Malay tan, and walnut. However, for someone that grew up in a Spanish style home in California, Arizona or New Mexico, he or she may not like the gray countertops or floors of their urban loft. By utilizing a color like vintage umber, which is a dark red, or even an aqua blue, the space can incorporate the feel of Spanish tiles and other aspects of a former home.

In addition to literally transforming a space to feel more like a former geographic home, you can utilize concrete stains to create a new feeling of home. When purchasing a house, especially if someone else has lived there before, it is important to put your personal style and aesthetic on display. For someone that wants a unique feeling, they may choose to install a non-traditionally shaped concrete countertop into his or her kitchen. To make it even more custom, they may choose a slate blue concrete dye. It will certainly be unlike the old countertop and the new homeowner will feel proud that it exudes individual style.

Of course, there are many other ways a person or family can incorporate concrete stain to make a house or apartment feel more like home. Thanks to the customizable nature of concrete, as well as the ease and affordability it offers to install, you can create something that reminds you of a faraway place or simply add your own personal touch.

For more information visit The Stamp Store