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Concrete Countertop Solutions Offers Plenty of Products for the DIYer

Are you the do it yourself type?  Do you find that with a set of instructions and the right materials, you can build almost anything? If so, you might just be the perfect person to create your new countertops, and Concrete Countertop Solutions has everything you need to get started. Building your own countertops can give a real sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when you realize that you have created something beautiful and elegant that will last for many years to come.

Our Selection Makes Building Easy

When it comes to building countertops, Concrete Countertop Solutions has everything you need. We offer a wide range of concrete countertop tools to help you along the way, including polishers and polishing pads, floats, trowels, and more. We also offer a vast selection of concrete countertop edge forms so that you can create the

Concrete Solutions Concrete Countertop Edge

Concrete Solutions Concrete Countertop Edge

shape and style you are looking to achieve in your new concrete countertop. We know that the bigger the variety, the happier the customer, and we have plenty of different shapes to choose from. We also provide accessories such as instructional videos, faucet knockouts, mounting tape, and other things you might need along the way.

We also offer multiple types of concrete, including our new Z Liqui-Crete, which makes it a breeze to build your new concrete countertop. If you have a small hole in your countertop, you will also find that we offer Z Counter-Patch to help you fill it in. This patch can be easily colored so that it will perfectly match your existing countertop. Speaking of coloring, we provide a huge selection of tints and stains so that you can create a countertop in virtually any color that you can imagine!

Thanks to Z-Counterform, you no longer have to have the skills of a mason, a carpenter, and a brave adventurer in order to create your own concrete countertops. In fact, with this new technology, anyone at all can create a brand new countertop with decorative edges in only a single day. Not only can this leave you feeling very proud, but it can save you significantly in terms of materials and labor costs. Z-Counterform countertops are designed to look great and to last for years and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the countertop that you create. We even offer instructional videos to teach you how to use our products!

Concrete Countertop Solutions Makes It Easy

Building your own concrete countertops doesn’t have to be a difficult and time consuming task, and at Concrete Countertop Solutions, we make sure that it isn’t. We have everything you need to build long lasting, durable countertops in any color scheme that you desire, as well as the edging tools you need to give your counters the shape you desire. If you are looking for a DIY project that will increase the aesthetic and likely even the value of your room, contact us today to learn how Z-Counterforms countertops may be the solution you are looking for!




An Industrial Flooring System in One Day? Really???

For a place of business that is just starting up, or undergoing a renovation, selecting a flooring system can be a difficult procedure. Indisputably, you want strength and durability, and probably also a fairly significant level of aesthetic appeal.

So, you want it all, and you want it now.

Is it really possible to have industrial flooring ready to go in just a day? Actually, yes, it is. With a few qualifications, of course.

You want flooring that is low-maintenance, easy to clean, and very durable. It has to stand up to abuse by people and machinery, and it also has to be stain-resistant. You no doubt know that the industry standard for decades has been epoxy, but have you heard about polyaspartics?

Polyaspartics are very much like epoxy systems. The basic process is the same, consisting of combining resinous compounds with catalysts that facilitate hardening.

You’re nodding your head and saying “Yes, yes, I know, but my contractor told me that I’d have to wait at least three days, and maybe five, for my epoxy floor to cure before I could actually set foot (never mind machinery) on it.”

Listen: Poly. As. Partics. They’re a lot like epoxy coatings, but they dry in practically no time. And they’re very resistant to damage. Unless you plan on having your industrial floor take really, really extreme abuse, you probably can go with a polyaspartic/polyurethane system. a polyaspartic floor will likely give you the durability you need.

Polyaspartics are resistant to chipping and staining from various compounds that are used in industrial settings. They provide a moisture-resistant barrier that will protect the integrity of the underlying concrete, and will last for years without staining or becoming otherwise compromised.

Polyaspartics are available in a huge array of colors, and can even be customized with the addition of color chips to add a variegated effect. If slipping is a concern, you can add aggregates to the mix that will increase adhesion. Whether you’re building a showroom, a food production plant, a hospital, a veterinary clinic, a restaurant, a hotel, or virtually anything else, polyaspartic flooring systems are a wise choice.

To learn more, phone 866-906-2006. We’ll be happy to help you find the polyaspartic one day flooring solution that suits you best.



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Benefits of Ordering Decorative Concrete Supplies Online

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.56.40 AMOnline shopping has changed more than just the way people order small personal items. It has also had an affect on the way contractors receive their decorative concrete supplies and materials. While you might think it would be better to drive around town looking for the best local concrete products, your time may be best served online.

See a Wider Selection of Products

When you work with a supplier like Contractor Source, you can browse through an enormous inventory of decorative concrete products, including concrete stamps and concrete stains from the convenience of your home or office. You have the freedom to explore all that the supplier has to offer, reading about the benefits of different materials, without having a sales representative making you feel pressured in any way.

Access to a wide selection is especially important when you are working with concrete stains and stamped concrete mats. A large inventory will be better suited to help you achieve the particular look that you want. If you are limited to going to only your local decorative concrete suppliers, you may not find the resources you need to successfully complete your project.

Streamline Your Supply Process

When operating a business, it is imperative that you spend your time and money efficiently. Your time and energy would be best spent focusing on completing your concrete installations, quickly moving on to your next project. You are not serving your business well if you are driving from place to place, or constantly on the phone trying to coordinate your supplies.

By using a reliable supplier that has a large inventory and an easy-to-use online ordering system, you can request the decorative concrete products you need with a click of a button.

Receive the Best Price for Concrete Stamps

Receiving the lowest price for concrete stamps and other concrete products is always going to be a high priority. Businesses like Contractor Source are able to reduce their overhead expenses by coordinating orders nationwide using local distributors. You benefit from their streamlined structure by receiving cheap concrete stamps.

You Can Receive Your Materials Quickly

Just because you order decorative concrete materials online does not mean that you will be waiting weeks for your items to arrive. As mentioned, Contractor Source works with local concrete suppliers to help contractors receive the materials they need as quickly as possible.

Online shopping for decorative concrete supplies allows for ease of order, low prices, and fast turnaround times. Everything a successful concrete contractor needs.


Los Angeles Concrete Pool Decks

Min Yoshida Concrete Pool Decks Los AngelesThe best accessory to a Los Angeles home is a sparkling swimming pool and inviting pool deck. You can have both custom designed and installed by Min Yoshida Pools, providing the LA area with beautiful custom swimming pools and concrete pool decks for over 20 years.

Min Yoshida offers versatile pool and pool surround designs, from infinity pools and swim spas, to stamped concrete pool decks, customized water features and more, Min Yoshida can bring your visions to life and create a stunning outdoor oasis for your home.

DIY Concrete Countertops

9261588377_7232702959With the award-wining diy concrete countertop products from Concrete Countertop Solutions , it’s easy to create durable, versatile, custom DIY concrete countertops yourself. The systems include everything you’ll need; from the patented Z Counterform custom edge forms, to concrete mix, form liners, concrete stains and texture mats.

These innovative products make it possible to fabricate DIY concrete countertops with unique edge forms, textures and colors. Add new concrete countertops to your kitchen or bath, or create a custom table or bar top. Concrete Countertop Solutions’ diy concrete countertops can be completely to update and enhance any area of your home or business.

Get started on your next project today with Concrete Countertop Solutions’ DIY concrete countertop systems.

New Jersey Concrete Furniture

New Jersey Concrete FurnitureCreate a truly unique addition to your home, business or outdoor area with New Jersey concrete furniture custom designed by JM Lifestyles, the premier provider of one-of-a-kind decorative concrete furniture, countertops, bars, vanities and other architectural elements.

With concrete’s durable, versatile characteristics, virtually any furniture design is possible; from tables and chairs, to shelving, entertainment centers and more, concrete can be formed and molded into any shape, and combined with other materials to create dramatic, timeless furniture.

Contact JM Lifestyles today for their expertise in New Jersey concrete furniture and other decorative concrete elements.

SUNDEK Decorative Concrete Driveways

Sundek Decorative Concrete DrivewaysGive your home or business a major boost in curb appeal with a beautiful customized decorative concrete driveway made with SUNDEK products. Driveways created with Sundek products might include a stamped concrete finish, mimicking the appearance of stone, tile or wood and colored to complement your existing architectural features.

Sundek also provides limestone coatings to create a beautiful natural stone finish, or a simple way to add color to a concrete driveway is by using a concrete stain, which produces a more rustic, mottled color and look.

Whatever option you choose, decorative concrete driveways created with SUNDEK products make a great first impression for your residential or commercial property.

Duraamen Eco Friendly Concrete Stain

Aquacolor Water Based StainIndustry leading decorative concrete manufacturer, Duraamen, provides Aquacolor as an alternative to chemical based acid stains. This water-based, Zero-VOC, eco friendly concrete stain system can be used to integrally color or stain decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings, skim coats or regular concrete surfaces.

How to Use Aquacolor:

Integral Concrete Color: Shake well and disperse in a polymer additive prior to adding in cementitious powder. Place desired amount into a small measuring cup to ensure consistent results. The typical dosage is 10ml (0.35oz) of Aquacolor for every pail of cement.

Water based Concrete Stain: Dilute and mix Aquacolor with water prior to spraying. Suggested starting mix-ratio: 4gal water per 8oz bottle of Aquacolor; to increase the color value, reduce the amount of water and vice versa. For better adhesion to the substrates, it is recommended to blend the Aquacolor solution with 10% acrylic polymer.

Aquacolor is available in 19 blendable color shades, making it easy to create a wide variety of hues to complement interior or exterior décor.

Minneapolis Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Minneapolis Concrete CountertopsIt’s Concrete specializes in the design and installation of completely customized concrete kitchen countertops in Minneapolis for commercial and residential clients. Concrete countertops offer a unique blend of strength, durability and style that is unmatched by other countertop materials. They’re also eco-friendly and cost-effective, making them one of the most popular choices for kitchens, bathroom vanities, tabletops, outdoor kitchens and more!

You’ll be amazed at the options you have when you choose concrete. It can be colored, stained, imprinted and stenciled to your exact specifications, maiking it easy to create just the look you’d envisioned for your home.

Give your kitchen a low maintenance update that will look fabulous and last for years to come with Minneapolis concrete countertops by It’s Concrete. Contact It’s Concrete today to find out more about their full range of concrete countertop design and installation services.

San Antonio Concrete Resurfacing Experts

San Antonio Concrete ResurfacingIf the concrete surfaces in your home or business are showing signs of wear: chips, cracks, peeling, stains, or unevenness, concrete resurfacing is just what you need to spruce things up. Sundek of San Antonio provides expert San Antonio concrete resurfacing services that do not require tearing out the existing surface, saving money, time and materials.

Sundek of San Antonio offers a full range of concrete resurfacing services and products for you to choose from. Whether it’s interior or exterior, simply resurfacing or a completely customized decorative concrete remodel, Sundek of San Antonio has you covered.