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Smooth pool coping edge with a stamped textured surface.


Stamped Concrete pool coping edge

Modern design pools with stamped concrete.

The latest in pool design and style is utilizing concrete as a material of choice.  Concrete not only provides flexibility in design but allows for customization, functionality and longevity.  Modern design should incorporate simplicity and low maintenance.  For a pool deck, it is important to offer an easy to maintain surface that will last the test of time.  Pools are unique in that they can splash chemically treated water,  sometimes salt water, or hard water onto their surrounding decking surface materials.  To prevent issues with pool decking and coping materials deteriorating it is critical to get a compatible pool deck and pool coping material to the chemicals found in your pool.

Concrete is unique in that it can be modified, and customized in many ways.  Some concrete can have additives included into its mixture that make it waterproof, other concrete is often sealed to prevents water penetration from its surface.  Either way protecting your pool deck and concrete coping will ensure a long lasting surface finish.

A popular method for creating a designer pool coping is to use a stamped concrete surface texture with a smooth inside concrete cantilevered edge.  This provides a rock like surface texture but a smooth easy to grab inside surface.  The smooth surface gives a clean crisp look to the coping while the textured stamped surface provides grip and a more natural rock type texture.

Using browns, tans and grey colors provides a realistic look to the coping and can be incorporated in the rest of the pool deck and patio to create a continuous virtually seamless surface finish.  By incorporating a stamped concrete pool deck and coping edge you can get the look of realistic stone but have a much more conformable feel on your bare feet while saving money in the process.

Concrete Patio Repair

Concrete PatioRepairing or upgrading your concrete patio doesn’t have to be an overly complicated task, with thin concrete overlays it’s possible to transform your existing surface and customize it in a variety of ways, without tearing out or repouring. Concrete overlays are used to hide stains, pitting, spalling, cracks or other damages and create an even, smooth concrete surface that can be stamped, textured or colored to match the existing architectural elements of your home.

Create the stunning concrete patio you’ve always envisioned with SureCrete Design Product’s line of concrete patio repair products, including concrete overlays, mixes and fills. They also provide a wide variety of acid stains, concrete stamps and other customizing tools to create beautiful custom patterns and colors in your concrete surface.

SureCrete’s full line of decorative concrete products and services, including concrete overlays, stamps, acid stains, dyes and more, coupled with their dedication to superior quality ensures your concrete repair project will be a success.

Bastrop Stamped Concrete and Landscaping

stamped concreteStamped concrete provides the opportunity to create beautiful, luxurious looking surfaces that mimic the appearance of natural stone, tile, brick and wood by using stamping tools, coloring agents and texturing techniques on a concrete surface.

EDL Associates is a leading provider of stamped concrete in Bastrop, Texas, as well as a wide variety of construction, landscaping and masonry services. Their concrete artisans can guide you through the entire process of designing and installing custom stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete looks great on driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, interior floors and more, contact EDL Associates today to get started on upgrading your home or business with Bastrop stamped concrete!

Concrete Overlays in Dallas

Plano Concrete FlooringRepair and resurface damaged concrete with concrete overlays in Dallas by Plano Concrete Flooring. This decorative concrete contractor utilizes a highly skilled team of concrete artisans and top quality decorative concrete products to produce stunning results in acid stained concrete, stamped concrete, epoxy surfaces and concrete overlays.

Concrete overlays provide a simple solution to damaged concrete because they do not require the existing surface to be torn out, an overlay is installed over existing concrete, filling in any cracks, pitting or other damages, and leaving a smooth, even surface that can be further customized with a variety of decorative concrete techniques.

Plano Concrete Flooring has been providing their industry leading decorative concrete services to the North Texas area for over ten years, earning them an A+ industry rating.  Get started on your next improvement project today with Plano Concrete Flooring.

Austin Stamped Concrete by EDL Associates

Austin Stamped Concrete by EDL AssociatesStamped concrete is a durable, versatile, beautiful and eco-friendly material that can be used both indoors and out to create stunning customized surfaces. EDL Associates offers expert stamped concrete in Austin and the surrounding areas, including Dripping Springs, Bee Caves and Lakeway, Texas.

Stamped concrete is commonly used to create pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways and flooring, but can be used on virtually any surface. Stamped concrete creates the illusion of much more expensive materials like stone, tile, brick or wood, without the high cost and intensive maintenance. Plus, the design versatility of stamped concrete surpasses other traditional materials since it can be colored, stained, and dyed any color of the rainbow, and imprinted with custom textures and patterns.

Let EDL Associates design the perfect Austin stamped concrete surfaces for your needs, contact them today to learn more.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Area With Decorative Concrete Patios in Washington DC

concrete patio washington 10A decorative concrete patio transforms your outdoor living area into a beautiful, inviting space to spend time with friends and family, entertain or simply relax. Sundek of Washington has taken concrete patios to new heights with their full line of decorative concrete patios in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.

Decorative concrete patios can include intricate custom stencils, colored perfectly to match the existing architecture elements and color palette of your home. Or, they can be imprinted with special concrete stamps, creating the look of much more expensive materials like stone, brick, wood or tile. The options are truly endless when it comes to concrete, and Sundek of Washington can translate your vision into reality.

Decorative concrete can also be used on your driveways, pool decks, walkways, interior flooring and more; contact the concrete artisans at Sundek of Washington for expert design and installation of the perfect custom Washington DC concrete patio or other decorative concrete solution for your home or business today.

Baltimore Business Owners: Repair Your Exterior Concrete or Become a Liability

If you area Baltimore area business owner, you need to be aware of liabilities at all times. That includes making sure your establishment is free of danger zones like cracked or damaged concrete sidewalks, parking lots, and entryways. A local, well-known Baltimore restaurateur had to learn the hard way when his restaurant was reviewed negatively on a popular review website. Without revealing which Baltimore restaurant is in question, here is what one patron had to say:

“I loved the food and the atmosphere was killer. But, unfortunately, the owner spent all his time on the interior of the restaurant and not the exterior, because I ended up tripping on some shotty concrete in the back patio. I busted by knee and had to call 911. After nearly $5,000 in medical bills, I had my lawyer send the restaurant owner a letter — he ended up settling, which was cool. I won’t go back because the incident was so traumatic, but the calamari was really good, fyi.”

Reviews like this can devastate a business. That is why is it absolutely vital to keep you exterior commercial concrete in good shape. Otherwise, you might end up spending thousands of dollars in legal fees when someone gets hurt on your property.

Furthermore, when your concrete looks bad, maybe it’s a sign to implement decorative exterior concrete. It’s an affordable option when it comes to concrete repairs because decorative concrete overlays can be implemented on top of existing concrete. With an concrete overlay system, you won’t have to rip out your damaged concrete completely; just repair the cracks, then add the concrete coating on top.

Bottom line: Keeping your customers safe by repairing your exterior concrete is vital to your success. Don’t steer customers away with bad online reviews that have nothing to do with your food or atmosphere. Keep the exterior of your restaurant in good shape and attract the kind of crowd you want. If you need exterior concrete repairs, check out this great Baltimore decorative concrete company.

Nashville Contractor Offers Custom Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can be designed and built to suit any needs. An outdoor construction expert in Nashville, Custom Hardcapes, LLC has been building custom retaining wall in a variety of styles and sizes for almost 15 years. “We can tailor them to match the existing architecture of your home or patio,” says owner Brien DeGryse. “We work with multiple materials, including natural stone, concrete pavers, and flagstone.”

With the addition of a retaining wall, your Nashville outdoor living space will be a more comfortable and more inviting.  Whether you’re planning a blowout party or a quiet dinner for two, your outdoor living area is the perfect spot for any occasion.

Make sure all of your special plans turn out to be an amazing success with a custom-designed outdoor living space, including the added privacy of a retaining wall, from Custom Hardscapes.

Nashville Patio Builder Offers Advice for Designing Exterior Spaces

When it comes to your backyard area, you want a space that is well-designed for entertaining as well as relaxing. In areas such as Nashville or Franklin, outdoor living spaces are utilized practically year round, so proper planning of these areas is vital. If you aren’t exactly sure how to design your outdoor living area, look into hiring a professional outdoor construction company.

Options regarding an exterior living space include paver patios, retaining walls for privacy, custom-built fireplaces, and pergolas. Making sure these elements are positioned correctly in your backyard is vital. A company who has experience in the Nashville area will be able to offer tips and advice regarding sun exposure and optimal views.

Owner of Custom Hardscapes, LLC says, “If you want a custom-designed courtyard or patio, it’s best to position it according to your schedule. Do you enjoy your coffee on your porch every morning? If so, position your patio so you can see the sunrise. But if you prefer outdoor cocktails after a long day at work, make sure your space faces west so you can see the sun set.”

An experienced patio or courtyard designer can create a space for you and your loved ones that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Check out more options from Nashville’s best patio builder.

Eco-Friendly Concrete Stains

  • Stained concrete driveways, floors, patios, countertops and more have become megatrends in home building and design. Well, did you know this popular trend is also eco-friendly?
  • At SureCrete Design, the Eco-Stain concrete stain gives you all the beauty of stained concrete, and none of the guilt about potentially harming the environment.
  • This solution is perfect for anyone looking to build or update using green building materials.
  • The Eco-Stain is a water based stain that applies color to concrete without the addition of harsh acids or metallic ions.
  • This easy to use product is simple to apply and provides the same rich, multi-tonal color results as a traditional concrete stain.
  • The Eco-Stain is typically applied via spray equipment and works by forcing pigments of color into the pores of the concrete.
  • The blending options and concrete color choices for the Eco-Stain have made it a very popular choice.
  • Currently, there are 29 UV stable color options to choose from.
  • These color pigments can then be mopped, brushed or sponged to create interesting patterns of blended colors.
  • The porosity of the concrete also lends to color hue variation and getting that one-of-a-kind stained concrete look.
  • The Eco-Stain can also be sealed immediately after sufficient drying, there is no need to wait for neutralization or clean-up as with a traditional concrete stain.
  • This user-friendly product is the perfect choice for LEED and GREEN projects.